Automation for today’s Molecular Diagnostics lab is essential. More and more is being expected of laboratories. Automation provides labs with the ability to reduce instrument hands-on time while maximizing throughput, flexibility and reproducibility. Abbott Molecular is a leader in Automation and, as molecular testing requirements have increased over time, we have provided innovative and comprehensive solutions necessary to meet those needs. Explore Abbott Molecular’s Automation portfolio to learn more about available solutions for your Molecular Diagnostics laboratory.

FISH Products
FISH InstrumentationProducts
  • Thermobrite
  • VP 2000 Processor
  • VP 2000 Accessories
  • VP 2000 Reagents
Molecular Automation at Abbott Molecular
m2000 System - RealTime PCR Automation
RealTime PCR Automation Products
  • m2000 Consumables
  • m24 Consumables