Test Assured in Critical Care Diagnostics
Building on the unprecedented testing simplicity, flexibility and reliability of the GEM Premier 3000, the GEM Premier 3500 offers new capabilities in an enhanced system, adaptable to the needs--and volume--of the hospital and lab.   

  • Simple -- Maintenance-free, multi-use, disposable cartridge PAKs and intuitive touchscreen menus are easy to use
  • Flexible -- Customized cartridge configurations and a broad test menu, meet the needs of any location and any testing capacity, cost-effectively
  • iQM --  IL's proprietary Intelligent Quality Management provides continuous, real-time quality control for the most accurate results, every time
  • Total connectivity -- GEMweb software allows information management and real-time communication throughout the hospital
  • Add the GEM OPL CO-Oximeter and the GEM PCL Plus Portable Coagulation Laboratory to create a comprehensive critical care-testing portfolio.
Measured Analytes Derived Parameters
pH Ca++
pCO2 Glu
pO2 Lac
NA+ Hct
HCO3- BE (ecf)
HCO3- std sO2c
TCO2 Ca++ (7.4)
BE (B)