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Unmatched quality assurance, total remote management and the most accurate results—in a single touch.
The GEM Premier 4000 now with PLUS Technology brings complete automation to the most labor- and skill-intensive tasks in critical care testing.  At the touch of a button, the GEM Premier 4000 automates: quality management through Intelligent Quality Management (iQM), instrument maintenance with its multi-use disposable cartridge PAK, and information management with GEMweb® Plus Custom Connectivity.

  • Onboard CO-Oximetry and a full complement of parameters meet every testing need
  • Self-contained, multi-use cartridge PAKs include all testing components—just replace the cartridge every 30 days
  • PLUS Technology adds faster touchscreen response, integrated wireless communication and remote service features
Measured Analytes
pH    pCO2    pO2    Na+    K   Ca++    Cl   Glu
Lac    Hct    tHb    O2Hb    COHb    MetHb    HHb   Total Bilirubin

Derived (calculated) Parameters
TCO2 P/F Ratio
BE(B) pAO2
BE(ecf) CaO2
tHb(c) CvO2
Ca++ (7.4) p50
Anion gap O2cap
sO2 RI
sO2(c) CcO2
HCO3-std a-vDO2
HCO3-(c) Qsp/Qt (est)
A-aDO2 Qsp/Qt
paO2/pAO2 Hct(c)

Fully automated maintenance, quality control and information management help to ensure patient safety and enhance patient care.