General Screening and Anticoagulant Monitoring

Assay P/N HemosIL Product
PT  0020002950RecombiPlasTin 2G 8mL
0020003050RecombiPlasTin 2G 20mL
0008469810PT-Fibrinogen HS Plus
APTT  0020006300APTT-SP
Calcium Chlorides  0020006900Calcium Chloride 0.020 M
0019741910Calcium Chloride 0.025 M
Fibrinogen  0020301100Fibrinogen-C
0020003900Fibrinogen-C XL
0020301700 / 0020301800Q.F.A. Thrombin
Thrombin Time  0009758515Thrombin Time
Heparin  0020009400Heparin
0020300100Liquid Heparin
0020300600Liquid Heparin Calibrators
0020300300UF Heparin Controls
0020300200LMW Heparin Controls
Local ISI Assignment and Validation  0020010500INR Validate
0020010600ISI Calibrate