The most compact and powerful in class

ILab Aries is the new member of IL family. ILab Aries is a bench top analyzer which can perform photometry, turbidimetry and potentiometry test. The throughput is up to 280 photometric +160 ISE tests/hour to give a total of 440 tests/hour.

As member of ILab family, ILab Aries utilizes intuitive software and all the reagents are in common with ILab 650.

ILab Aries has to be regarded as a “Complete system”, made up by Instrument, Reagents, Validated Applications and Support.

ILab Aries guarantees full traceability of the sample result. Each results can be easily and univocally linked with the calibration used and QC obtained.


  • Samples easily accessible
  • Continuous sample loading without affecting work in progress
  • 280 photometric tests/hour, up to 440 tests/hour with the ISE module
  • Compact size: W 1100 mm, D 650 mm, and H 500 mm
  • Weight: 45 Kg
  • Bench top system

Integration into the laboratory

  • User friendly operator interface
  • Windows XP software platform
  • Single menu for all operations

Sample management

  • Test menu and patient demographics presented on one screen
  • Integrated sample bar code reader with host query.
  • Sample Rack allowing the use of primary tube without the need for adapters, and cups.
  • 68 sample positions with the possibility of continuous loading.
  • Automatic pre-dilution of samples as required.
  • Automatic re-run of test as required.

Reagent management

  • 4 reagent racks
  • Integrated Reagent bar code reader
  • Reagent bottles barcoded
  • Real-time update of reagent level, reagent stability, calibration stability.
  • Low reagent level alarm
  • Lot expiry warning
  • 56 refrigerated positions on board.

ISE module

  • Integrated ISE module for the determination of Na, K, and Cl on serum, plasma and urine.
  • Maintenance-free electrodes

Openness and flexibility

  • All applications are totally open allowing implementation of non-IL tests
  • All parameters for each test are presented on a single page
  • Up to 3 reagents per test
  • Multi point calibration curves with up to 8 calibrators
  • Automatic generation of calibration curves from a master calibrant
  • Refrigerated reagents.

Result availability

  • Less than three minutes for Urea and Glucose
  • Four minutes for the majority of enzyme tests
  • Reaction curves can be both displayed and printed
  • User configurable automatic re-run
  • Full traceability of samples results.

Data integrity

  • Reagents specifically developed and CE marked for the ILab system
  • Integrated Quality control program

Safety and convenience

  • Routine operation can be performed with closed cover
  • Accessible areas are identified by green colour
  • Samples and reagents can be accessed and changed during analysis

Environmental impact

  • Cuvettes are cleaned between each use by an efficient Washing Station that includes a set of 5 probes
  • Only the cuvettes that have been used are washed
  • No need for an on-line de-ioniser
  • Uses only 1.4 L of water and detergents per hour


  • No dedicated consumables
  • Easy handling of infrequent tests
  • Customized reagent kit configurations allow running of special tests with minimal reagent wastage

Test menu

  • Routine Clinical Chemistry
  • Electrolytes
  • Specific Proteins
  • Therapeutic drugs
  • Drugs of abuse (not in every country)
  • Ready to use liquid reagents
  • Reagents barcoded
  • Calibrators and Quality Control Materials for all applications