Intensive Care

Patient Monitor

BCI - Reliable and dependable patient monitoring solutions. Compact and portable designs to meet transport and bedside vital signs monitoring and diagnostic needs.

Syringe & Infusion Pump

Graseby™ - A globally recognised and trusted brand that offers affordable quality medication delivery solutions.

Graseby™ syringe pumps and delivery products are found in nearly all hospital and medication delivery settings around the globe and are trusted to deliver high quality performance every time.



Capnograph Oximeters

ECG - YM406i

Features & Configuration
  • 12 Lead Resting ECG Analysis System.
  • 12 Lead Interpretative ECG.
  • 3/6Ch ECG Recording.
  • 4 Inch Roll&Z-fold Type ECG Recording Paper.
  • 4.3?? Color TFT LCD(480??272)
  • Multi-language.
  • Internal and External(SD card) ECG Memory.
  • Lead-Fail, Pacemaker Pulse Detection.
  • Rechargeable Battery.
  • ECG Management PC Software(Mecalyzer)
  • CE, ISO13485, GMP, KFDA


Vital signs Monitor - S105 / T-105

Features & Configuration

Smart Infl ation??
Smart Infl ation?? automatically determines patient-specifi c infl ation pressures and controls the infl ation rate, which results in a more comfortable measurement experience for the patient.

Whether it is a disconnected probe or a patient??s measurement falls outside of the user??s pre-programmed range, the HBP-T105 will sound an audible alarm as well as display a visual indicator of the measurement that is an issue.

Automatic Interval Monitoring
Choose from a wide variety of timer intervals to automatically take timed blood pressure measurements.
The user can select interval measurements ranging from continuous to every 180 minutes.

The HBP-T105 will store the last 400 measurements taken. With one simple push of a button, you can review previous measurements.
Or, if your monitor is equipped with a recorder, you can print out all the records.

Bar Code Reader
To help reduce documentation errors, you can use the optional bar code reader and scan the patient??s ID prior to taking the measurement.
The data in memory and on the recording strip is identifi ed with a specific patient.


Patient Monitor

S207 / HBP-2070


S510 / BP-S510

Features & Configuration

High Usability & Flexibility
In a Compact Package
The BP-S510 has a sophisticated look and provides high usability with the patented Colin NIBP technology.
The simple, user-friendly operation combined with advanced functionality makes it perfect for a wide variety of uses such as post-anesthesia care, step-down, ambulatory surgery, endoscopy, emergency rooms, and more!

Conveniently compact and feature-packed, it is great for areas where space is at a premium.

Weighing only 12.1 lbs, it is easy to carry the monitor from ward to ward. This lightweight device makes it easy to move to step-down, PACU, RR, etc.

Battery Operation for Portability
The monitor can be used during transport within the facility with the rechargeable batteries.

Wide Viewing Angle
The large LCD screen features a wide viewing angle and each parameter is color-coded in bright and vivid colors, making the information easy to read even from a distance.
Users can also select from multiple views to highlight just the information they need.