IMDx HSV 1/2 assay for Abbott m2000 | Abbott Molecular

Infectious Disease testing is the largest molecular diagnostics market encompassing some of today’s most challenging diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Molecular technology continues to evolve with the goal of providing more accurate means of disease detection and monitoring. We have a unique portfolio of molecular technologies including Real-time PCR, sequencing, and bead array. 

RealTime PCR Products
RealTime PCR Products
  • Assays
    • RealTime CMV
    • RealTime CT
    • RealTime CT/NG
    • RealTime HBV
    • RealTime HCV
    • RealTime HCV Genotype II
    • RealTime High Risk HPV
    • RealTime HIV-1
    • RealTime HIV-1 Qualitative
  • IMDx
    • C. difficile
    • VanR
    • HSV 1/2
    • Flu A/B and RSV
  • Collection Kits
    • Cervi-Collect Specimen Collection Kit
    • multi-Collect Kit
  • PCR Kits
    • EBV PCR Kit
    • M. tuberculosis PCR Kit
    • Parvo B19 PCR Kit
    • SARS RT-PCR Kit
    • VZV PCR Kit
Sequencing Products
  • HBV Sequencing Assay
  • ViroSeq HIV-1 Genotyping System